Baby Wants Candy has led workshops for thousands of students, from hundreds of high schools, colleges and universities, from middle school to university level for over 15 years.

Baby Wants Candy teaches musical improv workshops to beginners and pros alike. We are available for single 2-3 hour workshops as well as longer artist-in-residency program. If we visit your school for both a workshop and performance, your students can join BWC on stage during the performance! 

Students learn fundamentals of musical comedy improvisation- from basic song structure to scenic improvisation, in a fast paced, fun, supportive environment.

We also offer workshops in non-musical long form improvisation, rap and comedic song writing.

If you're an educator/teacher wondering "Why improv?" for your students- there are many great reasons. Improvisation by its nature is about support, listening, and the confidence that comes with having your spontaneous ideas "yes-and'ed" by their fellow students.

For schools with strapped budgets, improv provides an excellent gateway into the dramatic arts- no set or costumes are needed, and almost any room can become a rehearsal or performance space.

Baby Wants Candy has honed their musical and non-musical improv courses to be challenging yet guaranteed for students to succeed. Students leave our workshops energized and bubbling with laughter and confidence.

Beginner & advanced sessions available. For beginner sessions, no experience/musical background needed. If you're interested in booking BWC for a workshop and/or performance, go to our Contact page.


Name of workshop: Beginning Musical Improv

Description of workshop: Jump into musical improv comedy with a fun, fast-paced workshop in a challenging yet supportive environment. Students learn the fundamentals of longform improv scenework and basics skills for improvising clever songs: a strong idea, an identifiable structure, and lyrical tricks like rhyming and metaphor. Students will put then these skills to use by improvising full comedic scenes and songs along with a partner. 

Name of workshop: Freestyle Improvised Rap/Hip-Hop

Description of workshop: Freestyle Rap in Improv: what y'all know about improv rap? Probably nothing! This workshop will teach you how to pull characters and ideas from improv scenes and let them loose with the glory of hip-hop. Learn to let rap fuel your scenes and scenes fuel your rap. Experience? Not necessary. Mad swagger? Definitely required. 

Name of workshop: Creating Musical Comedies

Description of workshop: Members of BWC created and led a semester long course as part of Princeton University’s Atelier Program. We developed a unique and high quality instruction in creating scripted musical songs and musicals, and we have distilled highlights of the course down to its essence in a 2-3 hour workshop. 

Name of workshop: Advanced Musical Improv: The Game of the Song

Description of workshop: Discover the simple joy and comedic power of game-driven songs. Using two fundamental structures (verse/chorus and lastline tagline), participants will explore the ridiculous fun that comes through effortlessly heightening the lyrical, emotional, physical, situational and musical patterns that present themselves in the moments leading up to a song. We’ll play with the emotional and reactive scenic building blocks that lead to the best improvised songs. Experience how the success of the song is virtually guaranteed before the first note is even sung. 

We have several workshops and course packages available. Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs.